About Us


At Malaga Tile Centre (MTC) we provide top quality and high aesthetic tiles and Bath-wares in Western Australia for every application of use, in residential, commercial, and public building projects, be it for indoor or outdoor application. Build, with its clients, long-term partnerships by providing them with excellent service that is attentive to the needs of a constantly evolving market.

Our Vision

The goal of (MTC) is to become a point of reference for all clients and operators of the tiles and Bath-wares market in the Australia as well as in international markets, thanks to the breadth and the technical and aesthetic quality of its product range, to the efficiency of its services and especially to the constant attention to the needs of its clients.

Our Story

MTC was first established in 2012 by a passionate business oriented individual, Mr. Jignesh Patel, better known as Jerry in the industry. His passion for concept design and years of experience in the tiling industry has enabled him to provide in-house expertise and advice to several clients looking to achieve their tiling concepts. Today, Malaga Tile Centre prides itself to provide customers with the best quality tiles and bath-wares imported from all around the world. Our team has also grown to include in-house design consultants with industry knowledge and advice on latest trends and concepts.

Our Promise

We import many containers of tiles annually all over the world, holding in excess of $2 million worth of stock. Our commitment to innovation allows us to stock more upgrade and unique products than ever before and provide breathtaking tile collections to local Family’s lifestyle.

Our Values

Innovative – We exceed expectations through our creativity, from design to delivering intelligent customer solutions through products and commercial innovation.

courageous– To continuously make enhancement and innovation, to drive challenging and creativity. We are not, and will never be, the 'norm.' To maintain the long-term viability of our company and shared community, we believe in giving innovative solutions to our consumers.

Collaborative – We've worked hard to develop our brand and have constructed our future together, fearlessly pushing forwards in an ever-changing world. This necessitates honesty, loyalty, and respect, all of which are characteristics with which we are happy to be connected.

Proud – We're pleased to be a Welcoming supplier, committed to promoting innovative craftsmanship and providing high-quality tiles and other products for the Western Australians.